MeetUp Launch

Our first event took place at 5&33 located in the heart of Amsterdam. Part of the
Art’otel Amsterdam, the bar has a distinctively creative interior and a well curated service design.

In fact, both the hotel and the restaurant got ‘Best Hotel Design’ and ‘Best Restaurant Design’ 2013 awards at the Hospitality and Style Awards 2013, back when it was launched.

At our meetup we were busy getting to know each other. We had a number of curated activities such as:

  • Speed Date Questionnaire - 5 minutes timer and a bunch of conversation cards;

  • Marshmallow challenge - harder than it sounds - build a standing tower out of spaghetti, tape and one single marshmallow on top.

The main goal was to get to know each other and have the first interaction to taylor the next events to our crowd’s needs.



Speed introductions
Hospitality Design Talks
Marshmallow Challenge
Dinner and Wine


Martelaarsgracht 5,
1012 TN